Monday, 4 February 2013

Friendship Fortnight 2013

We have just finished Friendship Fortnight for 2013. During the fortnight, all the children did nice things for each other, and they wrote this on leaves and stuck it to our Friendship Tree each day. Take a look at how many nice things they did for each other!

The children listened to songs like "You got a friend in me" and "Lean on me", and they talked in each class about how to be a good friend. They worked in pairs and in groups and they made posters for the Poster competition. The winners of the Competitions for each class were:

Junior Infants: Rebecca
Senior Infants: Alicia
1st Class: Mathys and Helena
2nd Class: Ava and Stella
3rd Class: Shauna and Lily
4th Class: Neil
5th Class: Róisín
6th Class: Grace

The standard was very high and all the children put great work into their posters. Well done to everyone involved. Here are the winning posters. They will be displayed around the school for the next few weeks. 

 Junior Infants and Senior Infants
1st and 2nd
3rd and 4th
5th and 6th

Each class blog will be updated during the week to show what happened each classroom during Friendship Fortnight.