Monday, 3 February 2014

Friendship Week 2014

This week was Friendship Week in Ballyglass NS. Each student took part in a range of activities designed to promote friendship and respect towards others. These were some of the activities they did:

  • The Rainbow Fish: Each class heard the story of the Rainbow Fish and watched the video of it. This showed the children the importance of caring for others.
  • The Friendship Fish: Every morning, each child picked a name of someone in their class out of a box. During the day, they did something nice for that child. Then they wrote what they had done on a scale, and stuck it to the school Friendship Fish in the porch. By the end of the week, the fish had all his scales!

  • Collaborative Games: The children played games that promoted co-operation and working together. They had great fun trying to make bridges, and pass hulahoops around the group!

  • Friendship Lessons: In class, the children talked about ways they could be helpful and respect others. They also played friendship games, such as Friendship Bingo.
  • Friendship Bracelets: Each student had the opportunity to buy friendship bracelets from Amnesty International, which had messages promoting friendship written on them.

  • Friendship Slogans: 5th and 6th class made up some great slogans to raise the awareness of the importance of being a good friend. Alex's slogan was: "A great friend will fight for what is right", and Mary's slogan was "A great friend will brighten your day".
  • Friendship Posters: Each child worked during the week on a Friendship Poster, and on Friday the winners from each class group were announced. They are
  •  Junior Infants: Chloe
    Senior Infants: Clodagh

    1st Class: Alicia and Orla
2nd Class: Leah and Helena

3rd Class: Katie and Shauna

4th Class: Lauren

5th Class: Liam

6th Class: Mary

  • Assembly: After break, everyone went down to Mr. Cosgrave's classroom for an assembly. Each class sang a song or read some of the poems and stories they had written during the week. Then the winners of the Poster Competition were announced. Then Mr. Healy told us a story about a boy in Iran who was sick, and his teacher and all his classmates supported him by shaving their heads. Finally, we watched a selection of photographs taken during the week. Here are some of them: