Monday, 24 April 2017

Friendship Week

This year the whole school made a huge effort for Friendship Week. During 'Friendship Week' we ran poetry competitions , poster competitions and the children made woven woolen bracelets. They also took part in a number of lessons around what makes great friendships and the qualities and attributes of a good friend. Many of these lessons included aspects of beings a good responsible friend online and reporting any  form of cyber bullying.  Drama role plays were also part of 'Friendship  Week'

See below the winning poetry entries for the 5th /6th class poetry competition. Well done Elena and Mia and all the poster competion winners from each class from Junior Infants to 6th class.
Friendship Poem
Friends will always warm your heart
Remember we will never be apart.
I will always be there for you.
Even in the darkest of times.
Never ending friendship between us
Don’t forget friendship for life.
So many times we had such fun.
Happy memories we had.
I will always cherish them.
Past or present it doesn’t matter we will always be friends full stop.

By Elena Kalinina 

Friends Forever
Friends are forever that’s why they stick together and there always there for you when you’re feeling sad or when a bully has made you feel mad.
Bully’s blurt things thing’s that make you feel hurt that’s why your friends are always there for you rain, hail or shine to make living life seem worth your time.
The bully’s target is to bring you down to the ground so that’s what friends are for helping you stay on your feet and not to let the bully bring you to the darkness beneath.
By Mia Kavanagh