Tuesday, 29 January 2019

A Busy December in Ballyglass N.S.


To mark the start of the liturgical year and the month of December, Fr. Joe came to visit us and teach us about the importance of advent. He also spoke about St. Luke; this year's Gospel. Thank you Fr. Joe!!!

The History of Ballyglass N.S. 
A Visit from Tom O'Doherty

Former principal, Tom O'Doherty, so generously agreed to talk to the senior classes about the history of Ballyglass National School.

We were all amazed by his knowledge of the school and the locality. We decided to record some of these key facts. They are as follows:
  • The first school built in Ballyglass consisted of one room that was 7m x 5m. It was a stone built school bound together by mortar. It had a thatched roof, three windows and a small fireplace in the corner of the room. Unlike our beautiful school today, the building has no electricity and on wet days, the rain would seep through the ceiling onto the muddy floor. We're not surprised that when the inspector came to visit that he recorded in his notes, 'this school is not suitable for the children. They can barely hold their pens because it is so could.'
  • In September 1898, Mr. Gordon from Leitrim, became principal of Ballyglass N.S. and stayed here until 1902 before passing on the title of principal  to Peter Noonan, a Kerry man. He stayed until 1915, before Mr. Doyle took over as principal and continued to lead the school until 1944. Ms. Carr and Mrs. Kelleher's rooms are the original rooms that were built on this site in 1898.
  • Interestingly enough, we learned that Alicia, Emma and Seán Flynn's great great grandfather built the first few rooms in 1896. 
  • We hope that Tom will visit us again shortly so stay tuned for some more interesting facts! 

Our Visit from Galway Aquarium

But the fun didn't stop there. After minding our new sea creatures for over a month, we were happy to report to Padraic, the aquarium education officer, that all our rock pool fish were alive and healthy on his return. A new school record according to Padraic! We have since been informed that we have been included as a school of distinction in Padraic's annual report to the Marine Institute of Ireland.

We thoroughly enjoyed dissecting squid in groups and thanks to Padraic, we're now aware of the different parts of the squid. It was great fun, however some of us were feeling a bit queasy thanks to the unpleasant smell!!!

Our Visit to Glasnevin Cemetery and Dáil Éireann
6th Class

We had an eventful and action filled day in Dublin with the 6th class students of Ardrahan N.S., Kiltiernan N.S. and Kilchreest N.S. A big thank you to Fr. Joe again for organising the trip and in particular for stopping in Supermacs on the way home. You can really tell from the animation below that the students of Ballyglass thoroughly enjoyed their day! 

1st and 2nd Class go Planting

While Mrs. Kelleher worked diligently with the students in 5th and 6th class during their 'Hour of Code', the students of 1st and 2nd class decided to go planting daffodils, tulips and snow crocus bulbs outside in their garden plot. We;re hopeful that the plot will blossom during spring.

Decorating Ballyglass National School

In preparation of our Christmas performances, we all gathered together to decorate the school. There was great excitement throughout the school, particularly when our 6th class students took on the important role of decorating the tree. Didn't they do a fantastic job!

Ballyglass N.S. Christmas Performances

Once again, the students of Ballyglass N.S. blew us all away with their Oscar winning performances. We had everything on the day - dancing, singing and top-class acting. What a spectacular show!

Focus Ireland

To top off what has been an action-filled term, the students, parents, grandparents and teachers of Ballyglass N.S. so generously donated a total of €420 to Focus Ireland. A huge thank you to the Parent's Association and the Student Council for organising the cake sale, musical performances and book sale on the day. The money collected was very much appreciated!

Our First Christmas Disco

Thank you again to our Parent's Association for organising an entertaining and enjoyable night for the students of Ballyglass and surrounding schools. We're already looking forward to next year's disco!