Thursday, 5 September 2019

Parents Association AGM 2019-2020

The Parents Association’s AGM is due to take place next Monday the 9th of September at 7pm at the school.

I wish to commend the work in which the PA has completed over the last year and previous. The work the PA has done for the school pays huge dividends for the children of the school on a daily basis. We are very fortunate here to have such a wonderful school community. The PA play an integral part within that community. The role over the last number of years and since I have been principal has been laudable.

With the AGM coming up, it is imperative that we see new faces on the Parents Association. New parents can bring new ideas and a blend of experienced PA members with new members of all class age groups is what we would like to achieve so that every child is well presented. The commitment that is made will benefit your children and their friends. It is extremely rewarding and it does not demand a huge sacrifice of your time.

All parents are welcome to attend the AGM and once again I would strongly encourage parents who were never members before to attend. It is the children that reap the reward of our collective endeavours.